Home Health Solutions

Home health solutions are a great way to find cures for your health problems. So many websites on the internet provide you with cures in order for you to cure your own health problems. But do these home health cures actually work? Well that is a very good question and is a question so many people find themselves asking! Think about this: If these cures didn’t work why would people still waste their time and money advertising them and writing article to bring your attention to them if they didn’t work. Believe it or not some of these cures do work and they provide so many benefits also.

So What Are The Benefits of These Home Health Solutions?

1- They are all safe with no side effects.

2- They are simple to use.

3- They are convenient and save you the time, energy and possibly even the embarrassment from going to the doctor.

4- They save you a lot of money as the cost of visiting your doctor and then buying the expensive medicine that he prescribes will probably cost you a fortune.

Home health solutions are a best alternative to popping pills and using expensive creams to cure an illness or health problem you have. Anything the doctor prescribes you may have negative side effects. An example of this includes: When you take antibiotics you increase your risk of developing thrush, antibiotics also stop your birth control pill from working which is something I am sure you don’t want to happen!

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A Good Senior Health Solution Promises Peace of Mind

Senior citizens, be it parents, uncles, aunts, grandparents or any aged relatives, have always been a cause of much anxiety and concern to younger members in the family. The commitments that need to be met by the youngsters of today in order to survive and the inability to cater to the pressing needs of elders are the main reasons for such anxieties. This is intensified if being present physically to help elders live comfortably becomes difficult. And if there are eventualities of health, people are rendered helpless. Thankfully one can access a suitable senior health solution service to put the anxiousness to rest.

A good senior health solution will include services of physical, social, spiritual, psychological, recreational and educational nature. They offer these services in various ways and work effectively to enhance the quality of life of the senior citizens. Once an appropriate solution is drawn out, worrying youngsters can be at ease with respect to caring for needy elders. These solutions help families manage, prevent and treat physical and mental problems faced by elders and also provide day or live-in care. There are many exclusive senior websites that discuss such services in detail and educate care givers, family members and senior citizens regarding various aspects related to senior health care.

These senior health solutions provide access to balanced communities and adapt a patient centric approach in dealing with problems faced by senior citizens. The solutions also include various health-related schemes and financial plans, these include: insurance policies, pension schemes, senior health allowances and so on. In most cases these solutions contribute to the self sufficiency of senior citizens and make their lives less worry-some.

Aspects such as home care services, day care, patient security, resident safety, storage and inventory solutions, health plans, health insurances, rehabilitation, visiting nurses, hospice facilities, and medic supplies and so on are covered by these solutions and work wonders in the life of elderly people who depend on assistance from others to carry on with their daily routines. There are different age limits set by different solution providers when it comes to extension of such services.

In conclusion, various housing, home care, nutritional, socialization, financial and legal plans come under the purview of such services. A good senior health solution is comprehensive, sensible and promises peace of mind to the elders as well as the people involved in making such solutions accessible to these senior citizens.

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Business Excellence Forum and Awards 2016 winners

The winners of South Africa’s second Business Excellence Forum and Awards (BEFA) were announced at the Southern Sun Elangeni in KwaZulu-Natal last week, with Attooh! claiming the Best Overall Company award.
Best Overall Company: Attooh!
Best Overall Company: Attooh!
Serial entrepreneur and Sorbet founder Ian Fuhr enlightened audiences with the key lessons learnt along his entrepreneurial journey, while Sally Williams CEO Mark Sack explained how home grown businesses can transition into global players. Local celebrity turned business mastermind Basetsana Kumalo revealed her secret to balance when it comes to running multiple businesses and maintaining a personal life, and ActionCOACH CEO Vic Ciuffetelli disclosed the power of DISC, a telling behavioural model, in maximising sales.

The following attendees graced the stage to collect their awards in the following ten categories:

Best Overall Company – Attooh!
Most Innovative Company – Animal Health Solutions
Fastest Growing Company – Magenta Brand Solution
Entrepreneur of the Year – Deon Roux (Dry Ice)
Female Entrepreneur of the Year – Jenneth Prinsloo (Plantwise)
Young Entrepreneur of the Year – Michael-John Rautenbach (AMS Systems Integration)
Best Service Based – Motion Tronic
Best Community Impact – Convenant Logistics
Best E-Commerce – Incedibility
Best Manufacturer – Varing Kwekery

Enter Africa innovation challenge for local health solutions

Johnson & Johnson has announced the launch of the Africa Innovation Challenge, an initiative to support Africa’s vibrant and growing innovation ecosystem and to help develop important and locally sustainable consumer health solutions.
Enter Africa innovation challenge for local health solutionsThe challenge is the latest initiative in the company’s comprehensive approach to advancing health and innovation worldwide. The Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies’ presence in Africa dates back more than 80 years and includes business operations, public health programs and corporate citizenship.

“Through the Africa Innovation Challenge, we have the opportunity to support the continent’s top entrepreneurs through mentorship and other resources, and by working together with local talent, to bring forward new solutions to local health care challenges,” said Paul Stoffels, MD, executive vice president and chief scientific officer, Johnson & Johnson.

Earlier this year, Johnson & Johnson announced its global public health (GPH) strategy in Cape Town, South Africa, where its companies also opened their GPH operations headquarters. The operations expand upon the company’s legacy and presence in Africa, which began in 1936, and brings additional investments to the more than 1,500 employees and three manufacturing sites within the Johnson & Johnson family of companies already present on the continent.

“Our goal is to improve the health and well-being of families and communities around the world,” said Josh Ghaim, chief technology officer, Johnson & Johnson Consumer. “With its focus on consumer health care, the Africa Innovation Challenge will help to surface important issues impacting local communities. We look forward to engaging with the continent’s top entrepreneurs and scientists, and through collaboration, helping advance their ideas and bringing meaningful solutions across three very important health care areas.”

The Africa Innovation Challenge seeks novel ideas that focus on three critical health areas: promoting early child development and maternal health; empowering young women; and improving family well-being. Challenge participant(s) with the best solutions will receive up to US $100,000 in funding and mentorship from scientists, engineers and researchers in the Johnson & Johnson Consumer Research & Development organization.

“The Africa Innovation Challenge is an exciting initiative for our entrepreneurial and scientific communities,” said Thomas Maina Kariuki, director, Alliance for Accelerating Excellence in Science in Africa, African Academy of Sciences (AAS). “The challenge provides the kind of mentorship and resources that can really advance an entrepreneur’s vision, and it showcases the terrific young talent across Africa. AAS is proud to support this initiative and we look forward to collaborating throughout the challenge.”

The winner(s) of the challenge could also receive dedicated space at a lab facility in Africa throughout their product or service development, dependent on the needs of the solution submission. Award recipients will be announced in February 2017.

Challenge submissions may originate from anywhere in Africa, and from one or more individuals, teams or companies; subject to certain eligibility requirements set out in the terms and conditions for the challenge. Solutions will be evaluated based on their ability to meet the following criteria:

Solution submission addresses at least one of the three challenge categories: Promoting Early Child Development & Maternal Health in Africa; Empowering Young Girls in Africa; Improving Family Well-being in Africa.
Submission is innovative and creative.
Submission is scalable.
Submission outlines a commercialisation plan and how the award would help the applicant reach a critical milestone within the timeframe of a single yea

Curbing absenteeism through affordable healthcare

A trend in sick leave soaring at certain times of the year lead to an investigation that found that this was mostly due to staff not being able to afford medical care.
“We found that lack of access to adequate healthcare and medical benefits affected our employees’ ability to perform and in some cases lead to absenteeism,” explains Lorrette Coetzee of engineering firm, TDS Projects.

Curbing absenteeism through affordable healthcare

Little choice in affordable products

This culminated in launching an employee occupational health benefits programme aimed at improving the lives of its staff. The initiative, administered by OCSACare, supports employee wellness for TDS employees working on sites in remote areas.

Some staff members were already on the cheapest medical aid options, but still experienced difficulties in getting access to medical care due to the restrictions that these funds imposed on both the members as well as on the service providers.

In seeking help, TDS turned to Rudolf de Bruyn of Optivest Health Solutions who is responsible for administering TDS’s staff medical aid programme. “We enquired about the availability of affordable products for blue-collar workers in the market and were surprised to find that there was very little choice.”

Occupational health product

“We were adamant that we wanted an affordable product that provided good service and quality products to our staff. Optivest provided various options and among them was OCSACare which provided the ideal solution as it is not a medical aid but an occupational health product.”

Evidence shows that workplace health programmes can be highly effective in promoting healthy behaviours and ensuring employers offer South Africans a healthy and safe working environment.

Removing the elitist stigma

Recent media reports indicate that medical aid contributions will be increasing drastically, which for TDS management indicates the worrying prospect that private medical care is set to become a luxury that few can afford. “We cannot emphasise the value of our staff enough and it is disheartening that statistically only around 20% of all employees can afford private healthcare,” Coetzee says.

“The aim is to access respectable basic medical care, prevent and manage sickness and disease timeously, provide access to local medical service providers in remote areas thereby eliminating the additional travel costs, achieving an improved work life and removing the ‘elitist’ stigma around medical care by providing everyone with the same benefits.”

Coetzee says that at the moment these benefits extend to the main member as a first priority because they would most likely be the breadwinner for their family but hopes to find an affordable option to extend care to family members in the future. “Helping our employees – and eventually their families too – creates a win-win situation. We are able to improve the general state of health of our employees and TDS benefits by managing sick leave and limiting absenteeism which has an undesirable effect on productivity.”

Health Services Plan

Everybody know,health is our wealth and it’s more important than any other work. A perfect man is able to make perfect decision and focus better on his/her life. Health can not be got by any luck or chance. It can be only by exercise and health tips. Good health and exercise improve motivation and this motivation help us in our business. If our health is god then it increase our energy levels and efficiency to do any work. All these benefit a person both personally and professionally.Natural colon cleansing formula is used in colon cleansing action. The colon cleansing medicines and supplements are ideal health products that can increase the life of your colon. The cleanser is safe for your body tissues as it’s purely herbal. Colon cleansing cannot only give you a clean colon, but also a healthy lifestyle. And you don’t have to worry about any of the side effects. Every symptom of colon dysfunction will get off automatically after you intake one dose of colon cleansing. The effective and long lasting colon cleanse formula can bring real magic in your digestion and other allied body. Our Health Services provider offering its expertise in the arena of spa and naturalist treatments besides providing modern medicine procedures. Our smart health tips rendered by the experts give you the easy ways to keep you hale and hearty as always!All of our treatments are recognized, and we are certified health solution providers. Explore our website today!.

Everybody would like to live healthy and happy life. Our health is most important then everything else. Our body needs healthy food and exercise to live healthy life. These ideas for living a healthy lifestyle helps you to get more out of life. Here some tips and proper use of health care services are available for the people. Health care services are ready to solve your problems step by step. Healthy life matters much in our daily life or in our business. Our health services plan offering its expertise in the arena of spa and neuropathology treatments besides providing modern medicine procedures. Our health experts and para-medical specialists bring to you all the practical health solutions. Our smart health tips rendered by the experts give you the easy ways to keep you hale and hearty as always.
More important issue is colon cleansing. Colon cleansing is a process in which small jets of water into large intestine in order to clean off the waste and toxic matters. It’s a safe process and has no side effects. It help in releasing of toxic things leads one with increased energy and mind clarity for healthy life. Natural colon cleanse based formula is used in colon cleansing action. The colon cleansing medicines and supplements are ideal health products that can increase the life of your colon. The cleanser is safe for your body tissues as it’s purely herbal. Colon cleansing cannot only give you a clean colon, but also a healthy lifestyle. And you don’t have to worry about any of the side effects. Every symptom of colon dysfunction will get off automatically after you intake one dose of colon cleansing. Colon cleansing formula gives you healthy body system.

The most important benefits of colon cleansing are:
Removes undigested wastes
Clean Colon and Rectum
Keeps you motivated
Removes Allergy
Increases Digestion Process
Helps Combating the Irritable bowel syndrome or the (IBS)
Away from Gas and Bloating
No Blurring Vision

These are benefits of colon cleansing for healthy body and healthy mind. For more offers check our website once. Get more information on colon cleansing and health service plans visit our websites at http://www.ourhealthservicesplan.com.

Get The Best Corporate Health Solutions For Your Employees In Sydney

Health is wealth is a famous adage heard by every child by their grandparents. Everybody must have surely heard by your grandparents about making health. It is very true and essential to be healthy. Today life has become so busy and hectic that people do not get time for their selves and put their leg in a bog of disease. Improper and incorrect eating habits lead to various health disorders. The most common and rapid disorder that attacks is the obesity. Yes! Obesity is also a health disorder. An obsess person is more likely to catch heart disease, diabetics, blood pressure and many more.
The culprit for People’s bad health is nobody else but the hectic schedule in the offices and workplace. Most of the country has 8-9 hours of working which makes people stay at their workplace more than their home. The living habits of people have created lots of stress not only to mind but also to the body. Considering such things some of the groups has developed such training session where they provide services that will help you to enhance your immunity and keep you in the pink of health.
They have a special team of experts dealing with weight loss exercises and specialize in providing fitness. The experts providing such fitness services are highly educated and well experienced. You can find ample of people in Sydney who has already cured their obesity with these groups.
Corporate health solutions Sydney has some small groups in their organization that visit to some of the corporate offices and provide training to their people. This helps the employee to release their work pressure and stress. The training session includes yoga, fitness exercises and boxing. The group knows that the employees are the greatest asset of the company and their health is equivalent to the company’s health. Health session for the employees leads to less sick leaves, strong immune system of the employee, and a healthy office environment. These groups are very affordable and also provide personal health training to the employees.
Those who really have interest in such solutions for the employees of their company can check out different packages that these online portals provide to their customers. The cost of these packages vary with number of employees existing in your firms as giving training to large number of people is sometimes beneficial and sometimes cost you much. Such an option varies from one company to the other. So, make sure that you have selected the best one for your purpose.
You can go through the blogs on their site to gain relevant information on fitness and health. The blogs are very informative and tells you about various exercises that will help you to stay fit and fine. To consult them, you can call them on the contact number provided on their sites. You can also follow them on famous and well known social networking sites such as twitter, facebook, Google plus and watch various exercise techniques on YouTube and share the videos with your friends.

5 Most Common Health Problems During Pregnancy And Their Solutions An article by Tony Gevano with 957 words and 443 views

Now you are carrying your baby. Congratulations! There are some women who experience a number of health problems during their pregnancy. You will read them along with the solutions in three parts of articles. Enjoy the reading! 1. Morning Sickness Morning sickness refers to nausea and vomiting of pregnancy (NVP). It occurs probably due to higher hormonal levels, higher odor sensitivity and certain physiological changes in the pregnant woman’s body Solutions • Eat smaller meals frequently (every 2 to 3 hours) instead of three big meals in a day. • Avoid unpleasant or strong odors. • Try eating bland foodstuffs such as dry toasts or saltine crackers. • In some women, taking vitamin B6 supplements alleviates morning sickness. • Cut down the intake of fatty food, as they take long to digest so they stay longer in stomach. • Try taking ginger ale (ensure it has real ginger) or make your own ginger tea by grating and boiling some ginger in water. • Some women feel a relief on morning sickness by acupressure wristbands, commonly available with drugstores. • Avoid lying down soon after meals. If the symptoms are too much unbearable, talk to your healthcare provider, he/she will prescribe you an effective and safe medicine to prevent nausea and vomiting. 2. Fatigue Fatigue commonly occurs during pregnancy, especially at the early and late stages of pregnancy. Pregnancy strains your whole body and makes you feel extremely tired. Your body undergoes various changes to sustain your pregnancy, particularly the hormonal changes, causing you to feel lethargic. Lack of adequate night sleep and exhaustion because of repeated vomiting and nausea also adds to tiredness. Furthermore, you might also be worried about pregnancy, which could be wearing. Solutions • Get 9-10 hours sleep everyday. In between work, taking 15-20 minutes catnaps also makes a big difference so whenever you get the opportunity, use a vacant lounge, office desk or empty conference room and get a nap. • Take healthy, nutritious diet consisting of fruits, vegetables, lean meats, skim milk, whole grains to energize you. Drink a lot of water to keep yourself hydrated. • Engage in moderate physical activity like walking. • Stretch your body frequently and breathe deeply. • If possible, try regulating your schedule. Spare some work for the weekend and arrange to work at home so that you can leave your office early. 3. Frequent urination Frequent urges to urinate is very common during early pregnancy, with some relief in second trimester. During pregnancy, there is a considerable increase in blood volume so a lot of extra fluid is processed through your kidneys, which is eventually sent to the bladder. The increasing size of uterus also exerts a pressure on your bladder, leading to an urge to urinate. During second trimester, the feeling might reduce because your uterus will grow and rise higher in the abdomen. However, as you approach the delivery, the baby will drop lower into the pelvis, bringing back frequent urination urges again. Solutions • Avoid diuretics such as tea, coffee and alcohol (alcohol is to be avoided during pregnancy anyway). • To avoid nighttime urination (as it may disturb your sleep), cut down the amount of fluid intake after 4 pm. However, you should compensate this by taking in plenty of fluids during daytime. • While you urinate, lean forward so that your bladder empties completely and the next urination is delayed. Talk to your healthcare provider if you feel pain or get a burning sensation while you pee, or if the color and odor of urine changes. 4. Constipation The major reason for constipation during pregnancy is the hormonal changes, which slows down the digestion of food by slowing down the movement of intestines. Progesterone, the major hormone of pregnancy, is maintained at a high level throughout the pregnancy. This hormone is a muscle relaxant. Consequently, it slows down (or relaxes) the bowel (which is actually made of muscles) movements as well so the food that you eat moves slowly and waste accumulate in your body. Increasing amount of pressure from growing uterus on rectum also causes constipation. Iron supplements too add to constipation. Solutions • Take a diet rich in fiber. Fiber remains undigested and absorbs water, both leading to increase in bulk of feces. Consequently, there is a push on intestines to work more. Fiber rich food include vegetables (celery, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, cucumber, cabbage, tomato, pea, turnip, carrots, radishes); fruits (like orange, apples, pears, prunes); breakfast cereals; whole wheat bread. • Drink plenty of fluids. Fluids make feces soft, preventing constipation. • Moderate exercises like walking and swimming also stimulates the bowel movement. 5. Heartburn Many women get heartburn during pregnancy. Although it is harmless, it can be painful and scary. You experience a burning sensation extending from base of your breastbone towards your throat. Heartburn occurs during pregnancy because of increased progesterone levels, which has a relaxing action on muscles. Consequently, it relaxes the valve separating stomach from esophagus (food pipe) as well so that the acids in your stomach seep backward into your esophagus. During later pregnancy, as the size of your baby increases, it occupies most of the space in abdominal cavity, pushing the stomach. This also leads to heartburns. Solutions • Do not take foodstuffs that cause gastric discomforts, e.g., carbonated beverages; caffeine; acidic foods (citrus fruits, vinegar and tomato); spicy and highly seasoned food; chocolate; processed meats; fried or fatty foods. • Do not take large amounts of fluids with meals. Instead, take them in between your meals. • Avoid taking big meals. Eat small amounts but frequently (every 2 – 3 hours). Eat slowly, chewing the food properly. • Avoid eating anything at least 3 hours before you sleep. • Avoid bending your waist and instead bend your knees. • Try sleeping in propped up position, resting on several pillows so that your head is elevated. • Get yourself an anta acid, after consultation to your doctor. Published at: https://www.isnare.com/?aid=157748&ca=Womens+Interest

Men’s Sexual Health Problems and Solutions

75% of men’s are facing different kind of sexual problems, since it is embarrassed, no one wants to discuss or consult with doctor. Hence live with those deceases. Actually all men’s sexual problems have different kind of effective herbal solutions are available. Since our technology is so advanced it is very easy to find those effective solutions on web. We have to find out the good one. Following are major men’s sexual problems and their solutions. 1.Premature Ejaculation PE is the most embarrassing and frustrating problems men face. PE means men ejaculates before reach climax. Women takes long time to reach orgasm, so men ejaculates before that it is called premature ejaculation. There is lot of premature ejaculation pills and creams are available to cure or stop premature ejaculation. It helps to last longer in bed. Men can perform like porn star; there is no doubt for that.Premature ejaculation is one of the most common sexual dysfunctions in men under a certain age.There are multiple methods of treatment when it comes to premature ejaculation, some of them in the form of medicines, some in the form of specialized techniques, and some in the form of herbal supplements. Delay is a specially formulated blend of herbal ingredients than can help you make PE a thing of the past and there are no prescription or doctors visits necessary. Delay is a leading product on the market. Imagine if you could last 5 – 10 times longer, and never have to worry about the embarrassment of cumming to quickly. Effects will be noticed within the first week, and usually the problem will be permanently resolved by taking a 3 month course. 2.Small Penis As everyone knows women like bigger penis, they think that they will get more pleasure while doing sex with men who has bigger penis. Those who has smaller penis will have less confidence in bed compare to those who have bigger penis. Smaller penis ejaculates fast which women don’t like. Even I couldn’t believe that there lot of penis enlargement pills and penis enlarger available in the market which are very effective and no side effects since there are herbal. 3. Impotence ED or impotence, the most common sexual dysfunctions among men. Impotence is a consistent inability to sustain an erection sufficient for sexual intercourse. Impotence can be a total inability to achieve erection. Impotence is treatable in all age groups, and awareness of this fact has been growing. More men have been seeking help and returning to near-normal sexual activity because of improved, successful treatments for impotence. There are lot of herbal remedies are available to treat impotence. 4. Less Sperm Women like when men ejaculate more and they like it and get more pleasure also. It is a dream of all men to ejaculates like a porn star. There are lot of herbal solutions for that to increase sperm. Published at: https://www.isnare.com/?aid=405240&ca=Dating

Does This Mean SXC Health Solutions Will Burn You?

There’s no foolproof way to know the future for SXC Health Solutions (Nasdaq: SXCI) or any other company. However, certain clues may help you see potential stumbles before they happen and before your stock craters as a result. Rest assured: Even if you’re not monitoring these metrics, short-sellers are. I often use accounts receivable (AR) and days sales outstanding (DSO) to judge a company’s current health and future prospects. It’s an important step in separating the pretenders from the market’s best stocks. Alone, AR the amount of money owed the company and DSO days worth of sales owed to the company don’t tell you much. However, by considering the trends in AR and DSO, you can sometimes get a window onto the future. Sometimes, problems with AR or DSO simply indicate a change in the business (like an acquisition), or lax collections. However, AR that grows more quickly than revenue, or ballooning DSO, can also suggest a desperate company that’s trying to boost sales by giving its customers overly generous payment terms. Alternately, it can indicate that the company sprinted to book a load of sales at the end of the quarter, like used-car dealers on the 29th of the month. (Sometimes, companies do both.) Why might an upstanding firm like SXC Health Solutions do this? For the same reason any other company might: to make the numbers. Investors don’t like revenue shortfalls, and employees don’t like reporting them to their superiors. Is SXC Health Solutions sending any potential warning signs? Take a look at the chart below, which plots revenue growth against AR growth, and DSO: The standard way to calculate DSO uses average accounts receivable. I prefer to look at end-of-quarter (EOQ) receivables, but I’ve plotted both above. Watching the trends:- When that red line (AR growth) crosses above the green line (revenue growth), I know I need to consult the filings. Similarly, a spike in the blue bars (DSO) indicates a trend worth worrying about. As another reality check, it’s reasonable to consider what a normal DSO figure might look like in this space. Differences in business models can generate variations in DSO, so don’t consider this the final word just a way to add some context to the numbers. But let’s get back to our original question: Will SXC Health Solutions miss its numbers in the next quarter or two? I would not be surprised if there were trouble ahead. For the last fully reported fiscal quarter, SXC Health Solutions’ year-over-year revenue grew 27.7%, and its AR grew 34.3%. That looks OK. But end-of-quarter DSO increased 5.1% over the prior-year quarter, and it was up 5.9% versus the prior quarter. Still, I’m no fortuneteller, and these are just numbers. Investors putting their money on the line always need to dig into the filings for the root causes and draw their own conclusions. What now? I use this kind of analysis to figure out which investments I need to watch more closely as I hunt the market’s best returns. However, some investors actively seek out companies on the wrong side of AR trends in order to sell them short, profiting when they eventually fall. Which way would you play this one? Let us know in the comments below, or keep up with the stocks mentioned in this article by tracking them in our free watchlist service, My Watchlist. Published at: https://www.isnare.com/?aid=1162692&ca=Internet